The Little Coffee Co.

Tasked to craft an e-commerce site for a rising star in the Australian coffee industry, I set to task with a soul-replenishing mug of Joe in hand…

2020 – ONGOING

Based in the transcendent Blue Mountains of New South Wales, The Little Coffee Co. are a little fish in a huge market – with a big flavour and an even bigger attitude. Their online face needed to howl!

The crew at TLCC. are a motley bunch and their digital presence had to reflect that – at the same time as telling their story, imparting their vast wealth of knowledge and emboldening potential buyers. Working with an exquisite library of visual assets and a product range to-die-for, pulling the framework together was a designers dream. Ensuring visitors were confident to transact with the site posed the biggest challenge, being a small (and have I mentioned cheeky?) mob. Thus, the mobile-first UX was conceived and coded with a sleek professionalism at front-of-mind, with an emphasis on seamless functionality and a downright wonderful transactional experience.

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